55 and over

This area of the website is especially for Elders, designed to fill you in on some of the benefits and responsibilities of Elder Pokagons.

Elders Council

Elders elect an Elders Council to share wisdom and coordinate activities that help the community. Elders Council holds business and social luncheons on the first and third Thursdays of the month, respectively. In addition, they often plan such activities throughout the year as trips or parties. To become a candidate for Elders Council or vote in an election, you must be registered to vote. If you’re not, contact the Election Clerk at (269) 462-4236 or (888) 782-9475 or click here for more details and forms to register.

Elders Snow Removal Reimbursment

This program reimburses Pokagon elders anywhere in the U.S. for residential snow removal services. You are responsible for finding your own service provider. This program does not cover shoveling or snowblowing or elders living at the Pokégnek Édawat village or complexes where this service is already provided for you. This is for residences, not businesses. Call Elders Hall at (800) 859-2717 or (269) 782-0765 with questions. Complete the application and send it to the Elders Council at P.O. Box 180 Dowagiac, MI 49047.

Kekyajek Odanek Elders Village

Kekyajek Odanek, as the name states, is a Pokagon Elders Village located on Dailey Road in Dowagiac, Michigan. The village provides housing for income-eligible Pokagon Band Elders. It is managed and maintained by the Department of Housing and Facilities. For more information please contact the office at (269) 783-0443 or (877) 983-0385 or click here for more information

Health Services

If you’ll be using Pokagon Health Services for your health care, call (269) 782-4141 or (888) 440-1234 to become established as a patient at the Clinic.

Medicare Part B

If you receive disability benefits through Social Security, the tribe will reimburse you for your Medicare Part B payment. To register for that, you can find the form here or by calling (269) 782-0765. Once you’ve filled out the form, please return it to the Enrollment Office, 58620 Sink Road, Dowagiac, MI 49047, (269) 782-1964 FAX.

Elders Lunches

The daily meal program for Elders provides hot and nutritious lunches for free Monday through Friday at Elders Hall in Dowagiac. Please remember to notify staff one day prior to give ample notice for food preparation by calling (269) 782-0765.

Per capita Payments

Now that you’ve turned 55, your monthly per capita payment includes the Elders stipend. To register for that, you can find the form here or by calling (269) 782-0765. Once you’ve filled out the form, please return it to the Enrollment Office, 58620 Sink Road, Dowagiac, MI 49047, (269) 782-1964 FAX. There is a mandatory direct deposit system for per capita payments; please contact (800) 517-0777 or click here for that form.

Elders Stipend increments

Elders Stipends increase each five years by $250 starting at age 65. All elders over 65 receiving the stipend will notice an increase in their amount every five years until the amount caps at $1,750 for those aged 85 and above. Here are the increments:


Monthly Elders Stipend Amount

55 – 59


60 – 64


65 – 69


70 – 74


75 – 79


80 – 84


85 and older


Don't forget the per capita payments and elders stipend is taxable income; federal tax withholding forms are available from the Finance Department. The Band only withholds federal taxes after receiving a completed form. State taxes are your responsibility. Please call (800) 517-0777 or click here for that form.

Elders receiving Supplemental Assistance Benefits will also receive this increase; they'll get the additional $250 but their supplemental assistance will not decrease. Supplemental Assistance Benefits are not taxable.

Elders are eligible to opt in or out of the stipend program during the month they turn 55 years old. Contact the Social Services Department at (269) 782-8998 for help understanding how this increase could impact your particular situation.

Michigan Indian Elders Association, MIEA

The Pokagon Band is a member of Michigan Indian Elders Association. Three times a year, in April, July and October, MIEA hosts conferences for member tribes' representatives. To be considered for attending a MIEA conference, you must attend four Elders Council business meetings per year. To get more information on attending a MIEA conference, please call Elders Hall at (269) 782-0765 or visit www.michiganindianelders.org.

Michigan Tax Exemptions

All citizens ages 14 and older who live in the Agreement Area will automatically be added to the active RTM list at the State of Michigan by the Pokagon Band Finance Department. A pre-application is no longer required. To remain on the list of Active RTMs, it is critical that the RTM maintain a current physical address on file with the Pokagon Band Enrollment Department. View more info here, or call (269) 462-4210 for more information.

Elders Hall
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