Open Bids

The Pokagon Band partners with local businesses to complete projects and serve our citizens. Below you can find information on open projects requiring contract work. Please read the documents carefully and submit a bid, if you choose, following the listed criterea. Thank you for your interest in working with the Band, and we look forward to completing these projects together.

Economic Impact Analysis Services

The Pokagon Band is seeking to measure its impact on the economy of Indiana, Michigan, and of the lower Great Lakes region. The Band would like to fully understand the economic impact and public benefits of its government and businesses on the area, and how the implications of our economic impact could serve to stimulate positive relationships with regional and national partners.
Request for impact analysis services proposal

Frequently asked Questions
Q. Responses are due on March 17. Are both email and print copies of the proposal due on that day? Or can the print copy arrive later as long as an email copy is delivered by 5 PM on March 17?
A. Mailed copies may arrive after 3/17.

Q. Can an oral presentation of the proposal be conducted over a conference call, or does it need to be done in person?
A. If in-person presentations aren’t possible, a video conference can be arranged.

Q. Is a quote wanted at this stage of the selection process or will that be discussed later with the top qualifier(s)? Does the tribe have a general budget figure in mind for the specific deliverables and presentation?
A. Yes, the Band wants to see cost estimates for the project. The budget will be determined through this bid process.

Q. Does the tribe have a general schedule or suggested deadlines in mind or will this be discussed at a later point?
A. A schedule and deadline discussion will be part of the proposal process.

Q. Is the core project restricted to the many beneficial economic impacts that have been achieved from existing operations or is there also a desire to formally estimate future impacts in the South Bend region? Does the Four Winds Casino in South Bend need to be included in the study?
A. The South Bend project would not be part of the impact at this time, so no need to estimate.

Q. How will the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi select firms conducting the annual updates to the study?
A. If the resulting study and the relationship with the firm is successful, we will consider a multiyear partnership.

Q. What budget will the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi allocate for the annual updates to the economic impact study?
A. This is the first time the tribe has embarked on such a project, so future budgets are still to be determined by the Band.

Rodgers Lake Enhancement Project

The Pokagon Band Department of Natural Resources is currently accepting bids for the reworking and enhancement of Rodgers Lake on tribal properties. The work consists of dredging and filling, creating a boat launch area and a swimming area, as well as replacing a culvert, placing natural large stones, and grading the current drive to the lake. Please see the links below for the bid package and the plan specs.

Bid Package
Plan Specs

Investment Management Proposal

The Pokagon Band is currently looking to add an investment manager(s) to manage a portion of its Minors Trust. The amount could vary from $10–20 million. Since there will be multiple managers in our Minors Trust, we are also soliciting proposals to serve as master custodian for the Minors Trust valued at approximately $80 million. Proposals can be submitted for one or both services. All investment managers are expected to house and trade assets with the Master Custodian. In addition, there is an independent Trustee for the Minors Trust.
Request For Investment Management Proposal
Investment Policy