Census 2018

The paper census has been mailed out, and the online version is available now!

Now is your chance to make your voice heard. The Pokagon Band of Potawatomi is conducting a Census of all Pokagon households throughout the world. Your responses to this Census will provide up-to-date information that the Band can use to better serve all citizens. It will:

  • help the Band assess the needs of its citizens
  • inform Band leaders as they decide how to use resources and plan for the future
  • strengthen applications for new tribal funding
  • support the Band’s sovereignty

Tribal Council and government staff need accurate and up-to-date information on Pokagon households to prioritize citizen needs and concerns in strategic planning, program design, and grant applications.

The Census will be available to all Pokagon citizens in an online or mailed paper form in February. Through the survey, you are representing your community and its needs. The data collected will not only replace and update information your tribe has about its citizens, but will also collect information specifically targeted to help tribal programs make more informed decisions and strengthen tribal grant applications.

Every citizen who completes the Census will receive $50 gift card as a token of appreciation. The earlier you complete your census, the better your chance to win one of several $1000 grand prizes. The first 1000 respondents will be entered to win one of ten grand prizes. The second 1000 respondents will be entered to win one of five grand prizes. The rest will be entered to win one of the remaining grand prizes.

Online You can complete the online version here using your tribal ID. Your tribal ID ensures that no one else can complete the form for you and it lets us know when your household has completed the Census.

Mailed Paper Form If you choose to fill out the paper form and mail it in, please complete and return the questionnaire as soon as you receive it (and encourage others to do the same!) This will enable the Band to start compiling the data as soon as possible.

Your answers will remain anonymous and won’t be linked back to you or your residence. Your entry into the prize drawings will be kept separate from your responses to ensure confidentiality.

Thank you for participating in the Census. We appreciate your help in planning for the future of the Pokagon Band.

Tribal Council

The online census is now available!