18 and over

For Pokagons over the age of 18, this section will fill you in on some of the benefits and responsibilities of adult Pokagon Band citizens.

Registering to Vote

You must be an enrolled Pokagon citizen and be at least 18 years of age on the second Saturday in July (Election Day) to be eligible to vote. Eligible voters must have registered to vote before 4:30 p.m. thirty days prior to Election Day to be able to vote in the General Election. Contact the Election Office at (269) 782-1763 with any questions. Often certain election outcomes are based on the number of eligible voters in the tribe, rather than registered voters or votes cast. So registering to vote, and voting, is critical.


Be sure to check out the Higher Education Assistance Program (HEAP) for additional financial aid for higher education at accredited institutions. To apply for the Higher Education Assistance Program, you will need to submit the completed Higher Education Assistance Application and all forms as attachments to DOE.HEAP@PokagonBand-nsn.gov.

HEAP can offer tuition and fee and book stipend assistance to eligible students. Please check out the HEAP webpage for details.

Talent Database and Careers

In order to be considered for jobs with the Pokagon Band government, add your resume to the Talent Database. Also be sure to check out opportunities at the Pokagon Band’s enterprises: Four Winds and Mno-Bmadsen.


The tribe offers the Pathways Program through our non-gaming investment arm, Mon-Bmadsen. The mission of the Pathways Program is to provide our citizens with a means of access to tribal resources and tools that help them earn gainful employment within the Mno-Bmadsen family of companies, its partners and network. The Pathways Program provides resources and opportunities for all tribal citizens entering or re-entering the workforce at any age. 

Health Services

If you’ll be using Pokagon Health Services for your health care, call (269) 782-4141 or (888) 440-1234 to become established as a patient at our clinic as well as optical, behavioral health, dental, wellness, and pharmacy services.

Per Capita Payments

Now that you’ve turned 18 (and once you’ve earned your high school diploma or GED), you are eligible to receive a monthly per capita payment directly each month, instead of having the payment placed in your Minor’s Trust. Please submit a copy of your diploma or GED to the Enrollment Office, 58620 Sink Road, Dowagiac, MI 49047 by the per capita changes deadline to start your per capita. Please make sure your address is current. There is a mandatory direct deposit system for per capita payments. You can find the forms you'll need here.

Per capita payments are subject to federal and state taxes. It’s highly recommended to fill out the tax withholding form and submit it to the Finance Department at 58620 Sink Road, Dowagiac, MI 49047. The Band only withholds federal taxes after receiving a completed form. State taxes are your responsibility.

Michigan Tax Exemptions

All citizens ages 14 and older who live in the Agreement Area will automatically be added to the active RTM list at the State of Michigan by the Pokagon Band Finance Department. A pre-application is no longer required. To remain on the list of Active RTMs, it is critical that the RTM maintain a current physical address on file with the Pokagon Band Enrollment Department. View more info here, or call (269) 782-8998 for more information.

Senior Youth Council

For citizens aged 18-24, the Senior Youth Council is a great way to get and stay involved with your tribe. The Council offers opportunities for professional development, mentoring, and networking. Call (269) 462-4296 or click here for more information