Announcing new conduct policy promoting wdetanmowen | respect

Potawatomi culture instills the Seven Grandfather Teachings as ideals for living mno bmadzewin, the good way of life. All seven are important; wdetanmowen, or respect, provides guidance on holding others in high regard and treating everyone with appreciation. It shows how people should conduct themselves in relation to others.

The Pokagon Band is committed to wdetanmowen, and being accessible and responsive to all citizens and visitors accessing services. The success of the tribal community depends on staff being able to work in an effective, efficient, and culturally appropriate manner. The vast majority of us demonstrate wdetanmowen regularly. On the rare occasions when some act unreasonably, those individuals violate the teaching wdetanmowen.

Most visitors who enter tribal facilities and seek to receive services act with wdetanmowen and behave reasonably, appropriately, and responsibly, even when experiencing stress, frustration, and anger. For those few times when that’s not the case, Tribal Council has enacted a policy to assist government departments in managing unreasonable conduct. Such actions can threaten the health, safety and security of all and impact the ability of staff to serve citizens. Unreasonable conduct can negatively impact the ability of the Band to effectively and efficiently deliver services.

The Wdetanmowen Policy, effective April 1, 2017, helps to ensure that when confronted with unreasonable conduct, staff act fairly, consistently and appropriately, understand their roles and responsibilities, and understand appropriate strategies, processes and procedures. Staff will be receiving training on this policy. The Policy, which clearly describes the guidelines, procedure, and appeals process, is available here or you can call the Tribal Council office at (888) 376-9988 to obtain a printed copy of the Wdetanmowen Policy.

Again, we recognize and appreciate that, for the vast majority of our citizens and visitors, wdetanmowen is how they live their lives. This Policy is in place for only rare occasions and we seldom expect to invoke it.

Please contact Jason M. Wesaw or Becky Richards at (800) 517-0777 with any questions you may have.