Healthy Lifestyles Campaign: Success stories so far

Terry Dixon is the active grandparent to several Pokagon citizens. He frequently participates in elders activities and routinely takes his grandchildren to our community events. He joined the Healthy Lifestyles Campaign to help combat his diabetes, lose some weight, and get in better health so he is able to spend more time enjoying his grandchildren.

During the month of January, Terry made the decision to drink more water on a daily basis. He has also begun an exercise program that allows him to be in the Wellness Center therapy pool a minimum of three times per week. These simple decisions have caused additional, positive side effects which have helped Terry lose seventeen pounds, increase his flexibility, and reduce a number of the pains he use to get from daily activities. Terry is most excited by the fact that his A1C has dropped and his daily blood sugar is consistently under 100.

Terry is a great example of someone who has decided to make positive choices about their health. Keep up the good work Terry!

Dave Drlich “Since starting Healthy Lifestyles, I’m down 12.2 lbs. as of February 14. Most of it I’ve accomplished by changing my eating habits. In the last couple of weeks have also started to incorporate cardio workouts at the Wellness Center. For me, success thus far has been all about awareness. Using to log what I eat and a Fitbit to track my exercise means that I always know where I am in terms of the calories I’ve consumed versus what I’ve burned for the day. That awareness allows me to knowledge I need to make proper choices and size my portions properly.

“When it comes to food choices, I generally try to make meaningful use of the calories by eating something nutritious and keeping a balanced diet. But, I don’t view this as a being “on a diet” because being “on a diet” is something that has a beginning and an end; I view this as eating the way I should have been eating all along. But that said, I don’t deny myself anything. My rule is that I can eat whatever I’d like, so long as I’m willing to put in the work. If I really want a slice of cake, I simply look it up and do the math. Do I want the cake enough to put in an extra 45 minutes on the elliptical during my next gym session? Quite frankly, once I look at it that way, the answer is most often a 'no' and I pass, but sometimes it’s a 'yes' and I put in the work. But the fact that I get to make that choice matters.

“I hope that everyone doing well and making progress. I know that I have already met other people at the Wellness Center that have inspired me with their determination and progress! We can do it!”

Autumn Laraway “My story is just beginning, as I have a long road ahead.

“After moving from Florida to Michigan, I gained an excessive amount of weight. Off and on, I would try to lose weight. Exercise alone was unsuccessful. Counting calories didn’t help me. I tried Whole30 for only ten days and lost some, but of course, I gained it back immediately afterward. I began seeing a nutritionist and started maintaining.

“After the holidays, I got serious about my health and joined the Healthy Lifestyles Campaign. I offered to be our Team Lead, knowing it would help motivate me to do my best. In the first month, I successfully cut pop out of my life. I also avoid fast food 100%. I do eat at restaurants, but no more than three meals in a week (vacations don’t count).

“I was unsuccessful with a few goals, such as exercise, so I coined the next month Fail-Not February. I didn’t look forward to going to the gym, but I dedicated thirty minutes on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays to it. On the second week, I was introduced to Cardio Drumming. It was such a blast, I purchased equipment to continue doing it at home on the weekends. I worked out nine out of the first 13 days in February, a mix of the gym and mostly Cardio Drumming. I also asked the nutritionist how many grams of carbs, proteins, and fats I should have per meals and snacks. Then, I logged everything in the MyFitnessPal diary each day. I am seeing results! I lost 7 pounds and 1 inch in measurements. And it’s just a lifestyle change...not an expensive program or deprivation of any aspect of nutrition.”