New Hunter Safety Program Available for Hunting on Tribal Properties

Do you want to hunt on tribal properties? Have you taken hunter safety? To hunt on tribal properties, the completion of a hunter safety course is required prior to a license being issued. The Pokagon Band Department of Natural Resources is beginning a new program regarding new hunters taking hunter safety. In the past, the DNR has held hunter safety class on one or two occasions throughout the year. We have been unable to hold a class due to lack of attendance for the past two years. To streamline the process and make it more accessible for new hunters, the DNR is moving to a new hunter safety program.

Starting in 2019, new hunters may take the online Michigan or Indiana hunter education course and receive reimbursement for taking the course through Pokagon DNR. If you bring in your certificate of completion, the Pokagon DNR can reimburse your costs for the online course. To complete your hunter safety requirements, a field day is also necessary before you can obtain a tribal or state hunting license. Depending on the number of individuals that complete the online course, Pokagon DNR is looking to have one or two field days per year where everyone who has completed the online course prior to the field day participates in the field day. During the field day, gun and bow safety are focused on, as well as safe shooting. Check out the links to the Michigan and Indiana online hunter education courses below.

Michigan Hunter Safety Course
Indiana Hunter Safety Course

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