Notice of Administrative Changes for Resident Tribal Members

As part of the tax agreement between the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi and the State of Michigan, a Pokagon citizen may qualify for certain exemptions from some Michigan taxes, defining the qualified tribal citizen as a Resident Tribal Member (RTM). Resident Tribal Member (RTM) refers to those citizens whose principle place of residence is within their own tribe’s negotiated agreement area, and that have been added to the official RTM list maintained at the State of Michigan.

Auto Enrollment

Previously a tribal citizen was required to fill out a Resident Tribal Member Application to become an RTM, and be placed on the tax agreement benefits eligibility list at the State of Michigan.

Beginning February 1, 2018, the Pokagon Band Finance Department will automatically add all citizens who live in the agreement area to the Active RTM list at the State of Michigan, thus qualifying them for the available tax exemptions. A pre-application is no longer required.

To remain on the list of Active RTMs, it is critical that the RTM maintain a current physical address on file with the Pokagon Enrollment Office. The physical address should be the address of the primary permanent residence of the RTM. This address must also be a deliverable address.

RTMs will remain on the list at the state and remain eligible for the tax agreement RTM benefits, until they either move out of the tax agreement area or they cannot be reached to update their address if it becomes undeliverable. In these instances, the citizen’s RTM status will be deactivated both at the tribe and at the State of Michigan. The citizen will be notified of such change, if the tribe has the necessary resources in the citizen’s enrollment file, to make it possible for the Pokagon Finance Department to reach them.

For more information please contact Julie Rodriguez in the Pokagon Finance Department.