PHS team members recognized with national award

Daun Bieda, behavioral health supervisor, and Dean Orvis, wellness coordinator, won awards from the Bemidji Area Director of the Indian Health Service recently. In his nomination of Orivs for the Health and Wellness Award, PHS Director Matt Clay said, “Dean relentlessly advocates for opportunities to make patients healthier. For example, he implemented the Minor Mudder, an obstacle course event for children aged 4–14. It had 185 participants during its inaugural year. He has also created a 1.5 mile fitness trail with 10 different exercise stations, established the Mejnewa Running Team, and monthly incentives for all who come into PHS Wellness Center.”

In nominating Daun Bieda for the Outstanding Tribal Health Employee Award, Clay said, “Daun is phenomenal at recognizing the needs of our population. For example, she collaborated with Alkermes Pharmaceuticals to offer those addicted to opiates medication assisted treatment at PHS. She has also developed a creative program to holistically address patients’ anxiety, depression, and cigarette smoking. Circuit Healing is a 16-week circuit of auricular acupuncture, talk therapy, and massage therapy. To date, we have seen over a 70% collective decrease in smoking, anxiety, and depressive symptoms. She recently began a home-based counseling program which services at-risk youth. This program is already at capacity.”