Cultural Highlights

As part of the tax agreement between the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi and the State of Michigan, a Pokagon citizen may qualify for certain exemptions from some Michigan taxes, defining the qualified tribal citizen as a Resident Tribal Member (RTM). Resident Tribal Member (RTM) refers to those citizens whose principle place of residence is within their own tribe’s negotiated agreement area, and that have been added to the official RTM list maintained at the State of Michigan.

Auto Enrollment

There are several ways to improve your credit score. Begin by aiming towards the scoring models when computing your credit score.

Payment history: Have you paid your bills on time?

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Fifty-eight people attended the recent Fathers Wild Game Dinner at the Community Center. Families enjoyed meals featuring bison, played games, and discussed how important fathers and father figures are in a child’s growth and development.

“We screened clips about fathers, and people really liked those,” said organizer and community health nurse Elizabeth Leffler.