Curriculum Committee Survey on Education

The purpose of this survey is to gain valuable insight on the needs and expectations of our citizens in regards to the possibility of a future Tribal School. Your answers and information that you provide will assist efforts to formalize an informative report for Tribal Council, Curriculum Committee, Department of Education, and citizens of your community.

All answers given will be held confidential, so we ask that you be as honest as possible. However, we ask that you complete the basic demographic questions below to ensure our team that we have conducted a proper sample population representation. Thank you for taking time to partake in this survey.

Please feel free to contact any of the Curriculum Committee members or consultants if you have additional questions or concerns.

School Structures Explained from Pokagon Band on Vimeo.

Possible School Sturcture explained.pdf

For each answer below, please provide your answer by answering with “Agree” “Do not agree”, or “I choose not to answer.”
This next section of the survey will ask your thoughts on the type of school you would prefer.
Please view the above document and/or video for explanations of each possible type of school.
The final questions will ask your thoughts on the local school systems located in your area.