The Tutoring Program is designed to provide additional educational support to Pokagon students with academic needs.

Student Eligibility Requirements:
Student must have an Educational Records Release form on file.
*Student must be a Pokagon citizen.

Tutoring Options:
Accredited Learning Center
Facility which employs certified teachers or certified tutors to work with students on core academic areas, study skills, or test preparation
Auxiliary Tutor
Certified Teacher (Individual with a Current Teaching Certificate) or
Individual with Bachelor’s Degree with Academic Area of Focus

Program Funds: total of $2,500 per school year

Time Frame: August 1 – July 31

Pokagon Band Department of Education Tutoring Attendance Policy
If a student is using a Learning Center, the family must adhere to that facility’s attendance policy.  If the policy is not followed, payment for tutoring will be discontinued.

If a student is using an Auxiliary Tutor, a parent must contact the tutor at least one hour prior to missing a scheduled appointment to be considered an excused absence.  If the family does not contact the tutor at least one hour prior to the scheduled tutoring session, it will be considered an unexcused absence.  After three unexcused absences, payment for tutoring will be discontinued.

*The location, times, and frequency for tutoring will be between the Auxiliary Tutor and the family of the student(s).

If you or your child have used tutoring services and would like to share a success story, we would love to hear about it. Feel free to send stories and photos to Kristie.Bussler@pokagonband-nsn.gov.  

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