To attain college, graduate, and post-graduate degrees.

  • Eligibility: Must submit a copy of Pokagon tribal ID card. Must present a copy of high school diploma or GED certificate when starting the scholarship program. Must be enrolled in an accredited degree program (and continue to keep at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA).
  • Enrollment Process: After the initial submission of the Pokagon tribal ID  card and copy of high school completion, tribal citizens must submit the following each semester that they are applying for a scholarship: scholarship application form (one for Fall/Winter term & separate application for Summer term), copy of previous semester's grades and copy of class schedule.

If you want to apply for most college financial aid, including the Pokagon Higher Education Scholarship, you must file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

You can file the FAFSA for the upcoming school year after January 1, though you can apply for your PIN# anytime. You must apply every year you are in school. There is no cost to apply for the FAFSA.

For more information, contact your high school’s guidance office, your college financial aid office, or Joseph Avance, higher education specialist, at the Pokagon Band Department of Education (888) 330-1234.

Or check out College Goal Sunday to get FAFSA information specific to your state.

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