Enrichment Program

The Enrichment Program is designed to provide opportunities for Pokagon youth anywhere in the United States to participate in Enrichment programs. Types of activities included: band camps, art camps, science camps, sports camps, career camps, workshops, pre-college classes, summer school, conferences, or life skills programs such as drivers training, music lessons, musical instruments, etc. This program is now for Pokagon kids, birth through 12th grade.

Student Eligibility Requirements:

  • Student must have an Educational Records Release form on file.
  • Student must be a Pokagon citizen.
  • Birth – 12th grade
  • Student must provide Enrichment application and documentation for event.
  • All applications intended for payment must be received within the current academic year.
  • Enrichment form is required with each request.
  • Supporting documentation must be turned in with the Enrichment form at the time of request.
  • Multiple requests may be put on the same form if all supporting documentation is submitted with it.

Enrichment Options:
Direct Payment
Payment will be made directly to the chosen event. All backup paperwork must accompany Enrichment application.
Payment will be made directly to the parent when Enrichment application is accompanied with a receipt.

Program Funds: Total of $500 per School Year
Time Frame: August 1 – July 31

Pokagon Band Department of Education Enrichment Program Policy
If a student’s event is more than $500, the remaining balance will be the responsibility of the family. You must allow at least 2 weeks for payment. Information coming in late will not be guaranteed that payment will be made on time.