Language & Culture

The Department of Language and Culture is focused on preserving, protecting and promoting Potawatomi language, culture, spirituality, history and traditional ecological knowledge.

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Language & Culture offices
59291 Indian Lake Road
Dowagiac, MI 49047
(269) 462-4325


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Language & Culture Updates

Online Potawatomi Class

The Citizen Band of Potawatomi Language Department offers an online language class. To join the class go here, create an account, and enroll in Beginner I. The course is designed to be completed in order. The course will not allow you to jump ahead without doing the previous lesson. We have learned that the optimum browsers for doing the course are Safari and Google Chrome. The other browsers will work but will not allow you to hear the sound clips in the glossary or in the games.The games are best viewed on desktop systems and some don't work on tablets, phones or ipods. The material is best viewed in the browser.

Once you enroll in the course, be patient as we will have to confirm your account. Once you get a confirmation notice you will be ready to login and start learning. We hope this course will make the language accessible and engaging for learners.

You can e-mail the Citizen Potawatomi Language Online Development team regarding any comment and inquiry at

Forest County Potawatomi Dictionary

You can order you very own Potawatomi dictionary! Here's all you need to know:

  • The dictionaries are $85.00 a piece, depending on how many you would like to purchase. The Forest County Cultural Library & Museum can calculate shipping costs for you and send you a final invoice.
  • The Forest County Cultural Library & Museum accepts all forms of payment. If you are order via check/money order/purchase order, they will mail the dictionaries out after we receive payment.
  • The dictionaries are shipped priority mail, and they can provide a tracking number, if needed.

Order your dictionary online, or contact Tribal Librarian Samantha R. Smith, (715) 478-4841, today!

Intro to Bodwéwadmimwen

The Pokagon Band Language Program has made the Intro to Bodwéwadmimwen available as an iBook! It can be downloaded on any Mac device (Mac computer or iPad).

This digital version is complete with video to make learning Potawatomi easier and more accessible. It also includes audio clips from our late elders: Julia Wesaw, Luella Louis and Martin Wesaw. Help revitalize our language and download this book today.