Project LAUNCH

Project LAUNCH stands for Linking Actions for Unmet Needs in Children’s Health. The project is coordinated for the Pokagon Band out of the Department of Social Services, and the focus is on children from birth through age 8. The aim is for all children to reach social, emotional, behavioral, physical, and cognitive milestones. Healthy growth in each of these areas builds the foundation for children to thrive in school and beyond.

The project has five goals:

  1. Increased access to screening, assessment, and referral to appropriate services for young children and families.
  2. Expanded use of culturally relevant, evidence-based prevention and wellness promotion practices in a range of settings.
  3. Increased integration of behavioral health into primary care settings.
  4. Improved coordination and collaboration across disciplines at the local, state, tribal, and federal levels.
  5. Increased workforce knowledge of children’s social and emotional development and preparation to deliver high-quality care.

Project LAUNCH Parent Advisory Group

 This is group meets once a month and is composed of parents and caregivers of children under 8 years of age. Each Department meets with the Parent Group and discusses ways we can help improve the services for our Pokagon Youth. The Parent Group also receives a cultural teaching from a member of the Pokagon Community.

Annual Baby Celebration

Project LAUNCH collaborates with the Department of Education and Community Health on our Annual Baby Celebration, usually in April.  We celebrate babies born during the previous year.

Ann Morsaw-Banghart Young Child Wellness Coordinator
(269) 462-4450