Healthy Families Program

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A family services program designed to make a real and positive impact on the cycle of family crisis and disintegration.

Too many Pokagon Band families and children have been damaged or lost to crisis and instability. Through the past two centuries, the disintegration of the traditional native culture and social structure has led to poverty, domestic violence, and substance abuse, setting up a cycle of broken families. Children growing up in this situation without learning to understand or cope with these issues can grow to raise families that perpetuate the same troubles.

The Pokagon Band Department of Social Services launched the Healthy Families Program to provide intensive family mentoring, outreach and case management and proactive identification of families at-risk. This program will use proven models of intensive, home-based family mentoring and case management to develop and implement a program leading to family wellness.

Social workers will meet with client-families where they are: in the home, at work, or at school. Caseworkers will have the best opportunity to have a complete picture of each situation, allowing a better assessment of a family's physical and environmental needs, as well as the less apparent interactional needs. Social workers will be dedicated to intensive mentoring, and gently, but firmly, keeping families on task to improve functioning.

Please contact Sandra Oram at (269) 462-4279 or Desiree Dunomes at (269) 462-4297 to learn more.