For Kids’ Sake Program

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This program is focused on building resilience for our youth and helping break the cycle of domestic violence in our community.

There are two components of the program: Project Youth that works with youth and Project Caretaker that works with the non-abusing parent, caretaker, or legal guardian. The program is designed to make a positive impact and work toward a violence-free community.

Project Youth focuses on helping youth ages 0-18 years old who have been victims of or have witness domestic violence in their home. The Kids First manager helps provide services that focus on age-appropriate interventions for young children, elementary-school age children, and teenagers. It focuses on supporting the healing process, encouraging youth to discuss their feelings openly, and working with the youth to help them understand that violence is not okay and that it’s not their fault.

Project Caregiver focuses on supporting the non-abusive parent, caretaker, or legal guardians. The Kids First manager will work with them in helping them build resilience for their children who have been victims of or have witnessed domestic violence in their home. The Kids First manager provides tools to the parents to help the youth in their care. They work on parenting effectiveness, healthy boundaries, addressing mental health issues, and living in a safe and supportive environment with the children.

Upcoming Events

Understanding Historical Violence Through our Children | Sept. 17 + 18

If you’re interested in services for you or your children, please contact us. All services are free and confidential.

Samantha Hickok Kids First Manager
(269) 462-4442

This project was supported by Grant No. 2018-TW-AX-0008 awarded by the Office on Violence Against Women, U.S. Department of Justice. The opinions, findings, conclusions, and recommendations expressed in this publication/program/exhibition are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the U.S. Department of Justice.