Lil Miss and Mr Pokagon carrying on traditions

Judges crowned Pokagon youngsters Sydney Olson and Logan Spencer as 2018’s Lil Miss and Mr Pokagon at a competition at the 2017 Kee-Boon-Mein-Kaa Pow Wow.

Both Sydney and Logan will represent the tribe at area pow wows and the Gathering in 2018. They hope to learn more about their culture and share that knowledge and passion with their Pokagon peers.

Sydney was excited to continue a family tradition, pointing to her cousin, Rhonda Purcell, who served as Miss Potawatomi years ago. She looks forward to learning about her history and gaining confidence as she takes on this role.

“It can help me have more courage for my basketball league,” Sydney said. Currently Sydney plays for the Kitty Kats at Brandywine Elementary School and on the travel team Brandywine Bobcats.

Logan hopes to influence other Pokagon kids to join him in language learning and in understanding their culture better. Logan proudly drums and dances all dance types, but the grass dance is his current favorite.

Logan invited the Education Department to his middle school class recently, where he and staff members danced for his classmates. He was afraid of what the other students might think, but they were eager to learn more.

Sydney helped design the regalia she wore for the competition, featuring spiral suns, a blue shawl, and a pink yoke. Logan also helped design his own regalia, and he’s eager to make a new set featuring the four colors. Sydney received a crown and sash as Lil Miss Pokagon, beaded by Carla Collins. Logan received a sash and shield, made by Jason S. Wesaw. The judges were citizens Kevin Doughtry, Faye Magnuson, Katy Morseau-Rader, Rhonda Purcell, and Steve Winchester.

Be looking out for these two young leaders at the next pow wow.