Neshnabémowen, the language of the original people, is the native language of the Potawatomi people. It is a goal of the Pokagon Band to revitalize its language, and the Department of Language and Culture offers opportunities for learners of all ages and abilities to learn the Potawatomi language.

Language coordinator Rhonda Purcell, Pokagon Language Apprentice Carla Collins, and Master Language Speaker Jim Thunder have created language coloring books for children. Click below to download them all!

Summer Coloring Book
Fall Coloring Book
Winter Coloring Book
School Coloring Book
Spring Coloring Book
Zoo Coloring Book

Pronunciation Guide

e – as in sit, lit
é – as in sat, cat
ë – as in  cut, hut
ê – as in cook, nook
ė – as in speck, let
i – as in peel, feet
o – as in bowl, roll
a – as in father


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