2021 Kee-Boon-Mein-Kaa Pow Wow Update

The 2021 Kee-Boon-Mein-Kaa (KBMK) Pow Wow Committee has decided NOT to host this year’s annual Labor Day Pow Wow for the following reasons:

  • There is insufficient planning time as we are already 10 weeks out from Labor Day and there has only been a recent easing in COVID-19 restrictions.  Typically, planning for the KBMK Pow Wow occurs at least 9 months in advance of the event and Pokagon administrative policy for events requires planning to start at least 90 days prior.   
  • The KBMK Committee is not a full strength with only three active members. 

We look forward to seeing everyone at the 2022 KBMK Pow Wow.  Until then, we encourage you to support our other Neshanbek relatives at the Pow Wows being held in the region this summer.