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mdodoswen | sweat lodge (Corona Borealis constellation)
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Secretary – Sam Morseau
Councilperson (Member at Large) – Name
Councilperson (Member at Large/Elders Rep) – Name
At last! Please take a look at the 2024 Potawatomi Gathering Agenda. Registration for workshops and events opens Tuesday at noon, EST.
The Potawatomi Gathering Committee is still looking for volunteers to work shifts between Tuesday, July 30 and Friday, August 2.

You can choose your days, times, and preferred volunteer job. All volunteers will receive food vouchers, a Four Winds gift card, and a gas card. You must fill out and submit to an Acknowledgement of National Sex Offender Registry Check.
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Bodwéwadmik Blast Schedule
Due to planning and preparation for the 2024 Potawatomi Gathering, the next edition of the Bodwéwadmik Blast will publish Monday, August 5.
Play & Learn Social (PALS)
Tuesday, July 16
How’s it Growing?
Wednesday, July 17
Blood Drive
Thursday, July 18
The Pokégnêk Yathdanawa is online! Check it out for important Pokagon news, government updates, citizen profiles and more!
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