Community Jibakwé

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November 15, 2019 - 6:00pm to 10:00pm
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Language & Culture
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Main dish, beverages, and dessert will be provided. Please bring feast bags and dish to share in honor of loved one who has passed.

"Jiibye Dbikat Wiikdewin is a time for the spirit world and the world of man. The spirits depart for the spirit world away from the cold of one more winter. Wandering spirits, long lost, were called to feast with an ancient song. They appeared slowly, hesitantly as some were injured in their lives and were shy about their appearance. Many were not given the proper ceremony in death. These spirits remain forever on the earth’s face. Those spirits that return to the spirit world will return on the arrival of the first thunders and the song of many frogs in early spring along. Many only migrates to their warmer summer camps to subsist on the fish that spawn all summer. Fresh meat from the four-leggeds is a welcome variation in diet. To take the life of a nursing mother of any four-legged is forbidden to us by Creator. Stories of familiar old Nishnabe humor tell from many years ago that this annual migration soon came known as the journey to the happy hunting grounds, or mino dowenjge kaa."

-Stewart King

For more information, please contact the Department of Language and Culture at (269) 783-9265.

Hosted by the Traditions and Repatriation Committee & Department of Language and Culture