Citizens should be aware of particular life stages when certain services or benefits become available to them. In order to optimize these citizen benefits, please read the information found in this section.

New parents be sure and read through the "Birth" page to find out about Enrollment, Health Services, the Minors Trust, and Child Care.

Parents and those turning 18, this page has information on Registering to Vote, Scholarships, Rental Assistance, our Talent Database, Vocational Education, Health Services, Per capita Payments, Michigan Tax Exemptions, and Senior Youth Council. This page has valuable, important content that can impact your future.

For Citizens 55 and older can read about the Elders Council, the Elders Stipend, Kekyajek Odanek Elders Village, Health Services, Medicare Part B, Elders Lunches, Per capita Payments, Michian Indian Elders Association, and Michigan Tax Exemptions.