Raised Garden Bed On Wheels Program



Raised Garden Bed on Wheels Program Expanded

After consultation with the Food Sovereignty Committee and Resource Development, and review and approval by Tribal Council, the Raised Garden Bed on Wheels Program has been expanded to include all tribal heads of household.  Due to logistics of getting supplies around the country, the expanded program has transitioned to a reimbursement program.  

The intention of the raised garden bed on wheels program is to introduce citizens to gardening as well as provide an opportunity to grow nutritious and healthy foods at their own home. Additionally, this program is intended to offset the negative effects of COVID-19 including isolation, depression, and the possibility of transmission in more crowded situations, like grocery stores. 

The main reimbursable items within the program include a wooden raised garden bed on wheels, watering can, hand tools, gardening gloves, raised bed soil, and seeds.  Examples for these items and easy links to click can be found below.   

Receipts for these types of items must be dated between February 01, 2021 and June 30, 2021.  

Applications for reimbursement will be open online until July 16, 2021.  

Do you have a question about an item and whether it is reimbursable? If so, please email PokagonDNR@PokagonBand-nsn.gov and we will let you know.

If you have any questions you may also contact us at the Pokagon DNR at 269-782-9602 or email PokagonDNR@PokagonBand-nsn.gov.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I buy more than one raised bed if it equals less than $133? 

No.  The program reimbursement is for one raised bed on legs. 


Can I go over in one category or under in another category and apply it to other categories? 

No.  The maximum is set for each reimbursable item and if you are under in one line item it does not apply to another line item.

Can I purchase raw materials to build my own bed? 

The program is intended for a raised garden bed kit, therefore raw materials are not eligible for reimbursement.


I am a legal guardian of a Pokagon citizen child. Am I able to participate in the program?

Yes. Most definitely.


 What do garden tools consist of?

Garden tools consist of hand tools that may be needed to tend a garden including pruners, clippers, hand rakes, spray bottles, weed rippers, scissors, etc.


Is garden plant food reimbursable under the garden soil category?

Garden plant food is not a soil for the garden beds. You still need soil for your bed in order to grow your plants. The soil category is for reimbursing soil only, not fertilizers or extended release plant foods of any type. While fertilizers and plant foods will help grow bigger and more robust plants, they are not necessary to grow plants in garden boxes. 


To apply for reimbursement for items like these (listed below): Click here.


Garden Bed Program Items

Per Household Reimbursables: TOTAL: $263

Examples of reimbursable items are linked below. You don’t have to order these exact items, these are suggestions and easy access links.

1 Raised Garden Bed on Wheels up to $133 (Qualifying Raised Beds MUST have legs)

Another example of a raised garden bed. $134

5 Bags of Raised Bed Soil up to $45

1 Watering Can up to $20

1 Set of Gardening Tools up to $25

Gardening Gloves up to $10

Reimbursement of plants or seeds for garden bed up to $30