Zisbakwtokéwen (Making Maple Sugar )

You can join our sugar leads and the Department of Language & Culture at the Rodgers Lake campground for the 2020 community sugar bush. We will be collecting sap and making syrup and sugar throughout the season. Volunteers are always needed.

The sugar bush hours of operation will vary because the weather determines when the sap will be flowing, so you can contact Nicole Holloway at (269) 783-6131 or nicole.holloway@pokagonband-nsn.gov before stopping by to see if we are operating at that time.

If you are interested in receiving notifications via text, email, or by phone regarding the hours of operation and workshops, please notify Nicole of your preferred contact information.

Please note: Minors must be accompanied by and adult. All volunteers will be asked to complete a participation waiver. A sex offender registry background check will also be required for frequent volunteers in accordance with our Child Safety Zone policy.