Councils Collaborate

Council members gathered in the Community Center on a chilly October Saturday for collaboration and discussion of the future. Members from the Veterans, Elders, Youth, and Tribal Councils sat in a circle, each having time to speak.

Gayle "Rusty" Green, secretary of the Ogitchedaw Veterans Board, spoke about the need for more women in leadership, encouraged by the number of women in attendance.

Shandiin Church appreciated having face time with the elders, acknowledging that as something that is being lost with the many new forms of communication emerging.

"That communication style has changed," Church said, recognizing that the youth and elder generations communicate in different ways.

Now, Church feels like she can really talk with the elders, having spoken with them at the forum.

"I think it's good that we coordinate with one another," said Jerry Campbell, treasurer of the Veterans Board. He pointed out that the Band is one small family, so everyone needs to work together.