Ggaténmamen Gdankobthegnanêk: same pow wow, new name

The formerly named Oshke Kno Kewéwen Pow Wow Committee decided it was time for a name change. Oshke Kno Kewéwen means “new eagle staff,” and after nine years, our number of eagle staffs have increased to two, and they are no longer new.  The new name “Ggaténmamen Gdankobthegnanêk” literally translates to, “we are honoring the ones we’re tied to through generations.”

The committee approached the Language Program and asked for a new name that means “we are honoring our ancestors,” according to Language Specialist Kyle Malott. This new name can now be used long term, and it exemplifies what the pow wow was already doing.

Each feather on the community eagle staffs represents a Pokagon ancestor, so instead of the pow wow name pointing to the staffs, themselves, it honors all ancestors—in the past and in the future.

“Always remember who has sacrificed things in their lives to get us where we are today,” Kyle said.

This year's pow wow will be held May 25-26.