Joyce Noble's poems for DVAM

Citizen Joyce Noble shared two poems she wrote about her experience with domestic violence for Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

The End

unpublished work
by Joy Noble 2018

a room once filled with laughter
its walls groan with the burden
of hidden things
we both avoid

a heart once wrapped in laughter
beaten by the storm
of angry words
time can’t revoke

a spirit once poised in beauty
begging for the ending
to come
and to come quick


Copyright 2019 Joy Noble
unpublished work

As little girls we all grew up
listening to the story
of damsels in distress
and their quest for love & glory.
Bit by bit we painted,
with exaggerated strokes,
a picture-perfect prince
complete with armor, steed, and cloak

Year after year we watch for him
with tender heart in hand;
waiting for our rescuer
to arrive on golden sands,
'til time erodes the fantasy
and hope begins to fade -
unraveling the image
our hungry spirits made

In desperate haste we give ourselves
to the swindler and the thief,
so anxious for the fairy tale
yet finding 'naught but grief.
Imprisoned by a wall of words
disguised as certain failure,
we surrender all our power
to the jester become jailor

‘Til desperation shocks our mind
with a thought we never trusted
and resurrects the pieces of our heart
though worn and busted.
Could this wounded spirit
be the one of whom we dreamed?
The long-awaited rescuer
who slays the silent screams?
Who dances in the moonlight
and marches past the boundaries
that fear and pain once claimed?

Donning her own armor,
the spirit of a queen
bathed in pristine colors
the rainbow has never seen,
stands within the afterglow
that follows every storm
crafting her own thunder;
from which great faith is born.

She humbly releases
the fantasies of youth
and lovingly embraces
the discovery of truth -
that a real knight needs no armor
nor riches to entice
but only a courageous heart
to discover paradise

The happy ever after
We thought could not be found,
revealed within the mirror
and built on solid ground.
The power of a Higher Love;
permission to be free,
discovering our rescuer
is here
is now
is she

Dedicated to every woman who has made the mistake of thinking she is less than she truly is!