Personal budgeting matches priorities with spending

Do you feel financially out of control? Budgeting can help. A budget helps you take control of your finances and determines how your hard-earned money is spent. Budgeting can help you build a personal savings and can help allow you to make financial decisions ahead of time, making it easier to cover all your expenses.

There is a lot of emotion involved when it comes to personal finance, so we need to be honest with ourselves when organizing them. Being true to our heritage, we need to plan properly and respect our most valuable resource, our income. If we can make the commitment to ourselves, we then become examples to our friends, family, and community.

Chi Ishobak can help you with budgeting. We offer individual financial coaching that begins with a one-on-one meeting to go over your areas of concern. We will provide you with a personal budget worksheet that allows you to list your expenses, starting with the most important following up with the least important. We will provide support and help you compare your income with your expenses. 

Managing our finances is easy and simple to talk about but can be quite difficult to implement. To watch a personal account of exactly how Chi Ishobak can help you, go to our website at and see a video of a fellow tribe member's success story.

Chi Ishobak is here to provide you with the necessary tools and support to continue an honest path to financial wellness. Together, we can help monitor your progress and achieve your personal financial goals! Call us today at (269) 783-4157.