Skebgyak Zhetthken (Do it green) initiative starts at government offices

Elders Council passed a resolution to reduce waste and eliminate single-use plastics. They forwarded the resolution to Tribal Council with the recommendation that the government follow suit. After a staff workgroup studied government operations to see where waste was being produced, the tribe has officially begun a government-wide in itiative to minimize our footprint on Mother Earth.

Plastic waste is choking our waterways, hurting our wildlife, and filling up our landfills. With our Green Initiative, we’ve already instituted composting in government facilities. Now we are reducing the Band's purchase and use of harmful, single-use items.

Starting March 1, the government eliminated the option to purchase products made of styrofoam and single-use plastics like straws, cups, and cutlery. By April 1, the government will have eliminated all plastic water bottles, individual coffee creamers, and disposable k-cups.

The tribe has committed to this new green initiative in alignment with one of our guiding principles, to honor Mother Earth. Recycling is less and less efficient and effective, so Tribal Council has resolved to make our operations more sustainable.

“It’ll be a change, but one for the better,” said Jason M. Wesaw, government manager. “By shifting our mindsets, small actions like using silverware for lunch instead of grabbing a plastic fork or using your own refillable bottle will quickly become habit.”

Our planet, and the next seven generations, will thank us.