Turtle monitoring project begins

The Pokagon Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is starting a turtle monitoring project. Aquatic turtles will be trapped at Rodgers Lake, Gage Lake, Sassafras Lake, and small ponds in Hartford and other tribal properties. Turtles will not be harmed, just captured, microchipped (so we can identify each individual if we recapture them), measured, and released. The objective of the monitoring project is to estimate turtle population size on tribal lands.

This is a great opportunity for tribal citizens to get involved in a DNR project and learn about turtles. If you are interested in volunteering, contact the DNR at (269) 782-9602 to get on the e-mail notification list for trapping dates, times, and locations.

The DNR is also interested in monitoring box turtles. Box turtles are a species of concern in Michigan, with biologists noticing fewer of them in recent years. If you see a box turtle, please report it to the DNR. You can do this by calling (269) 782-9602 and sharing when and where you saw the turtle. The DNR will use this information to target locations where we have reports of turtles for further research
and monitoring.

View more photos of the project here