Zhetthkéwen ėthë kenomagék

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Center of History & Culture

The Center of History and Culture is focused on preserving, protecting, and promoting the Potawatomi language, culture, spirituality, history, and traditional ecological knowledge.

Nicole Holloway, Director
(269) 462-4224

Brooke Ettinger, Administrative Assistant
(269) 462-4325

Daniel Stohrer, Youth Services Coordinator
(269) 462-4225

Becky Williams, Youth Cultural Coordinator
(269) 462-4296

Matt Bussler, Tribal Historic Preservation Officer
(269) 462-4316

Cecil Wilson Jr, Historic Research Specialist
(269) 519-0220

Amy Jo Morseau, Cultural Activities Coordinator
(269) 783-3513

Cusi (Peter) Gibbons-Ballew, Cultural Sustainability Lead
(269) 519-0097

Contact Information
59291 Indian Lake Road
Dowagiac, MI 49047
(269) 462-4325


Do You Have a Skill to Share?

If you are a pow wow dancer, singer, firekeeper, or storyteller, or if you are skilled in traditional art or craft and would like to have the opportunity to work with your tribal community to share your knowledge, sign up here!

You will work with CHC to earn an honorarium by sharing with your community. All registrants are required to complete the sex offender registry check online.