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Honoring Our Graduates

The Department of Education graduation wall is designed to give recognition to students who demonstrate the characteristics which further the mission and goals of Pokagon Band Department of Education by completing programs that represent standards of achievement and excellence.

Student Eligibility Requirements:

  • Pokagon Band citizen
  • Graduated with a High School, High School Equivalent, Associate, Bachelor, Master or Doctorate degree
  • Copy of diploma or transcript

When registration is not open here, you may email a copy of your diploma or transcript to or  Those with Associate, Bachelor, Master, and/or Doctorate degrees will get a "leaf" added to the "Graduation Tree" location in the Pokagon Band Administration Building (Education's conference room).

Four Directors Honor Cord

Be sure you are requesting permission from your educational institution to wear these cords at your graduation ceremony.

The "Four Directions Honor Cord" can be worn by the graduate at the time of graduation and be kept as a memento of your connection to the Pokagon Band and the Four Directions. It is a Potawatomi tradition to honor the Four Directions of East, South, North and West during prayer, ceremonies and throughout the day.

The color of each direction:

  • The Eastern direction is represented by the color of “Yellow”
  • The Southern direction is represented by the color of “Red”
  • The Western direction is represented by the color of “Black”
  • The Northern direction is represented by the color of “White”

Honor cords are available for High School, College, University, and Vocational graduates please apply: Here (click this link)