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How do I set up an eye appointment?

If you are eligible for PRC, go to the referral department, and they can assist you in making an appointment at the eye clinic of your choice. If you are not PRC eligible, you may make your appointment with any eye doctor of your choice. The visit will not be covered. After your eye examination, bring in your prescription, pick out your frame, and any add-ons, and we will order your glasses for you.

My eye doctor wrote an Anti-reflective coating on my prescription. Why is this an additional charge?

The anti-reflective coating is often a recommendation by an eye care provider. However, it is a recommendation and not a prescription requirement. Each patient may receive a free basic prescription, including lenses and frames. There are several add-ons available such as anti-reflective coating, transitions, and tinting. See the Optical Department for details.

My glasses broke. Can you fix them?

We can do minor repairs in the Optical Department. In addition, there is a one-year warranty on either your frames or lenses. See the Optical department for more information.

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