Emergency Food Program

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The Emergency Food Program is designed for individuals and families who are experiencing brief financial difficulties and need assistance purchasing food. It is separate from the regular commodities program, and you do not have to be receiving commodities or even qualify for commodities to participate. All you need is your tribal ID to receive your box(es) of food.

This program is not based on income, is not limited to those who live in the service area (though food must be picked up from the warehouse by participants or a representative), and it does not have income guidelines.

This program is available to all Pokagon band citizens experiencing difficulties regardless of income, is available up to once a month for those who need it, is intended to help citizens for a few days until the situation improves, and is going to be a continuing program. (Item availability will change.)

If you would like to participate or have questions, please contact Commodities at (269) 782-3372.