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Ethics Board
(269) 462-4286

Standards for Indigence for Waiver or Reduction of Filing Fees
The Pokagon Band Ethics Code allows the Ethics Board to waive or reduce filing fees for complaints filed with the Pokagon Band Ethics Board. This document outlines procedures to determine indigence for reducing or eliminating the fees for the filing of complaints with the Ethics Board.

Affidavit of Indigence and Request for Order for Waiver of Filing Fee (revised 9/23/2013)
Please use this form when seeking a waiver or reduction of the fee for filing a complaint with the Ethics Board.

Ethics Board Complaint Form (revised 10/17/2018)
Use of this form for filing a complaint is not required, but its use is encouraged, to determine if the complaint meets the minimum requirements under Section 11.02 of the Ethics Code in order to be accepted for filing.

Gift Disclosure Statement - Officials and Employees (revised 9-23-13)
Who should file this Gift Disclosure Statement? Every member of the Pokagon Band Tribal Council who solicits or accepts a gift from any prohibited source with a market value greater than $25.00. Also, every public official or public employee who received a gift and donated such gift to the Band or an established charity.

Gift Disclosure Statement - Prohibited Source (revised 9-23-13)
Who should file this Gift Disclosure Statement? Every prohibited source (excluding the federal government, state or local governments, and any agencies or instrumentalities thereof) that gives a gift with a fair market value in excess of $50.00 to the Band, a tribal entity, or any public official or public employee, provided that at the time the gift is given the prohibited source has a contract with the Band or a tribal entity with a value in excess of $50,000 per annum.

Financial Disclosure Statement (adopted 9-23-2013)
Based on Section 9.01 of the Band’s Ethics Code all Tribal Council members whose term of office included any part of the previous calendar year along with any other Tribal Official or Tribal Employee (with the authority to approve contracts or otherwise bind the Band to financial obligations with a value exceeding $10,000 per annum) whose term of appointment or employment also included any part of the previous calendar year must file a Financial Disclosure Statement.