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The Center of History and Culture is focused on preserving, protecting and promoting Potawatomi language, culture, spirituality, history and traditional ecological knowledge.

Center of History and Culture Team Members

Lindsey Williams, Administrative Assistant
(269) 462-4325

Nicole Holloway, Director
(269) 783-3513

Daniel Stohrer, Youth Services Coordinator
(269) 462-4225

Becky Williams, Youth Cultural Coordinator
(269) 462-4296

Matt Bussler, Tribal Historic Preservation Officer
(269) 462-4316


Center of History and Culture

59291 Indian Lake Road
Dowagiac, MI 49047
(269) 462-4325

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The Archivist is part of the Tribal Historic Preservation Office and has many responsibilities such as:

  • Coordinating acquisitions of archival materials
  • Digitizing collections for Wiwkwébthigën (an online digital collections platform through Washington State University)
  • Acting as the point person for donors to the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi archives
  • Creating catalog records of incoming material
  • Processing collections according to institutional approved standards
  • Fulfilling reproduction requests
  • Carrying out reference duties
  • Coordinating the use of archival material for exhibits
  • Setting preservation policies to ensure that appropriate preservation measures are conducted

Wiwkwébthëgen is Our Online Digital Archives
You can access our archives 24/7 on Wiwkwébthëgen. You will find historical photos of our ancestors and lifeways, photos of traditional objects, important documents, video and audio recordings of citizens, and hundreds of Potawatomi words, complete with recordings of their pronunciations. This site is secure and intended for citizen use. To access everything on the site, request an account.

Archives Open Access Hours
Wednesdays and Thursdays 9-11 a.m.*

*Please contact Archivist to request access to and assistance with Archives during other times.

Quarterly Events
Quarterly Archives Open House

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Tribal Historic Preservation Office

In 2007, the Band applied for and received a grant from the National Park Service to assume the responsibilities of the state historic preservation officer on tribal lands, thus creating the tribal historic preservation officer position.

From creating a database for site locations, to assisting other departments in incorporating language, culture and history into their work, to maintaining vigilant watch over activities in the area that could affect historically and culturally relevant sites, the Office of Tribal Historic Preservation has been active ever since.

Responsibilities and Duties

The Tribal Historic Preservation Officer carries out many responsibilities and duties, including:

  • Executing the Historic Preservation Plan
  • Maintaining responsibilities of Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act
  • Managing and updating the THPO site database
  • Informing Tribal Council of potential threats from possible development to historically or culturally relevant sites
  • Educating tribal government staff about the history of the Band
  • Informing other tribal governments and entities of the history of the Band
  • Pursuing repatriation of ancestral remains and associated funerary objects from various institutions

If you have any questions about the Tribal Historic Preservation Office, contact Marcus Winchester.

Matt Bussler, Tribal Historic Preservation Officer
(269) 462-4316 Phone
(269) 519-0838 Cell

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Traditional Medicine Services

Watch the video to learn more about the Center of History and Culture’s Traditional Medicine Program.

Click here for the Traditional Medicine Services schedule.

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Zisbakwtokéwen - Making Maple Sugar

Click here to visit the 2021 Zisbakwtokéwen page!

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I am Potawatomi from Pokagon Band on Vimeo.

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