Kë Gbéshmen

Kë Gbéshmen 2021

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Session 1 | Ages 5-8 | June 22-24 | Day Camp

Session 2 | Ages 5-8 | June 28-30 | Day Camp

Session 3 | Ages 8-12 | July 6-8 | Day Camp

Session 4 Ages 8-12 |  July 12-14 | Day Camp

Session 5 Ages 12-17 |  July 20-July 22 | Day Camp

Session 6 | Ages 16-18 | July 26-28 | Overnight Camp

(Preference Given to 11th and 12th Graders)

(may change to Day Camp due to COVID-19 restrictions)


Kë Gbéshmen  may be cancelled, postponed or switched to a Virtual option due to COVID-19 restrictions at any given time.

The Kë Gbéshmen staff will make every effort to reach out to registered families as soon as possible to notify of any schedule changes.

For additional questions please email Pokagon.SummerCamp@pokagonband-nsn.gov



1. Q. Will my child be required to have a COVID-19 test prior to camp?

A.  Yes, all campers are required to have a negative COVID-19 test no more than 5 days prior to their first day of summer camp.

- Families will be able to schedule a test at PHS prior to camp.  If you need additional testing locations, please check with your local Health Department.


2. Q. Will my camper be required to wear a mask at camp?

A. Because camp will be held outside, campers will only be required to wear their masks when they are near each other (6 ft or less).


3. Q. How will camp staff reduce contact with other campers?

A. Utilizing camp “pods” with no more than 7 campers and 2 camp counselors, independent workshop areas for each camp pod, and staggered camp schedule.


4. Q. What is the plan if there is a positive case at camp?

A. Without disclosing the Camper or Staff’s identity, advising those who have had close contact with the Camper to quarantine(contact tracing), to self-monitor for COVID-19 symptoms, and to follow CDC guidance if any COVID-19 symptoms develop.

 Staff shall implement appropriate steps to reduce transmission, which may include recommending that all persons at the Camp quarantine and the Camp be cleaned and sanitized; and may direct that the Camp be suspended or closed


5. Q. What will drop off and pick up look like?

A.  With minimal interactions, campers will be checked in and screened utilizing “pods” in specific drop off/pick up locations at specified times. Registration forms will be collected through electronic means, prior to camp.  Campers must pass daily monitor screening.


6. Q. What will mealtimes look like?

A. Mealtimes will be staggered and served as to-go options whenever possible.   Campers will eat their meals with their “pods” in their own designated pod location.


7. Q.  Will camp be sanitized?

A. The camp will be sanitized between workshop sessions. Masks, sanitizer and hygiene supplies will be available throughout the campgrounds.


Our youth summer camp is called Kë Gbéshmen, which means "let's camp."

Kë Gbéshmen aims to grow Bodwéwadmi zhetthkéwen, a sense of community, and stewards of the environment for the next 7 generations. It is our mission to ensure every Kë Gbéshmen camper:

  1. Has a healthy and enjoyable camp experience.
  2. Gains enthusiasm for their Potawatomi ways and environmental concerns.
  3. Receives new experiences, develops new skills and forges life-long friendships.
  4. Leaves camp an emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically stronger person.
  5. Establishes a stronger connection with Neshnabe history, culture and language.




L&C Camp  Director – Rebecca Williams

Ed. Camp Director- Susan Doyle

L&C Assistant Camp Director- Daniel Stohrer

Ed. Assistant Camp Director- Kristie Bussler

-Archery for ages 8+
-canoeing ages 8+
-trampoline ages 8+
-longhouse teachings
-arts and crafts
-Environmental skills
-traditional sports
-field sports
-traditional arts
-traditional teachings