Nation Building

Elders Program

The purpose of the Elders Program is to provide quarterly workshops and elder business meeting trainings that will improve the quality of life of the Pokagon Band elder population. This program allows Pokagon Band elders access to a variety of services that will fulfill their needs as respected elder members of the community and as keepers of Pokagon Band traditions.

Honoring Our Graduates

The Department of Education graduation wall is designed to give recognition to students who demonstrate the characteristics which further the mission and goals of Pokagon Band Department of Education by completing programs that represent standards of achievement and excellence.

Student Eligibility Requirements:

  • Pokagon Band citizen
  • graduated with a Associates, Bachelors, Masters or Doctorate degree
  • copy of diploma

Time Frame: Applications accepted year round.

Cultural Infusion

Culture infusion is a major focus for any tribal community and needs to be deeply secured within our following generations. Providing cultural pride within our future generations has to be one of our most sincere obligations as stewards of the next seven generations.

The Department of Education will integrate cultural teachings whenever possible when providing educational opportunities for student learning. The need to work across all borders are important but preserving Pokagon Band Potawatomi  unique identity is a responsibility that garners serious attention.

Curriculum Development

The initiative to assist in the building of a culturally appropriate curriculum is a strong focus of the Department of Education and reaches out to the many valuable and treasured opportunities to create a community with social commitment.

The value realized from thoughtful and caring instruction is the prime focus for curriculum development and the Department of Education. Lessons will be developed that instills a cultural identity and purpose to those it serves and encourages future growth. 

Tribal College Partnerships

The Pokagon Band Department of Education has made some program enhancements for the 2019-2020 School Year and has added a Tribal College Partnership Program component. We are excited about these recent changes and look forward to providing programs especially for those seeking a higher education with cultural significance.

We are in the developmental stages of the Tribal College Partnership Program and look forward to the many opportunities Tribal Colleges have to offer our Tribal students. The opportunity to blend higher education and honored traditions in our tribal communities are indeed unique and provide a bright future for the next generations.