Transportation services are here to reduce barriers to health care. When all other means of transportation are exhausted, Pokagon Band citizens and members of federally-recognized tribes (with a Pokagon Band Department of Health Services referral) can benefit from transportation to and from medical appointments, as long as they live within the ten county Purchased/Referred Care Delivery Area (PRCDA) and have satisfied PRC eligibility requirements.

Transportation is used for DOHS-referred medical appointments only. For more information and scheduling, please contact transportation's main office number, (269) 782-4141 extension 267.

Services provided

Door-to-door transportation services to Pokagon Band Health Services for referred health-related appointments.

  1. Clinic, dental and eye glass appointments
  2. Doctor and non-emergency hospital appointments
  3. Dialysis
  4. Physical and behavioral therapy
  5. Wheelchair transportation

Type of Support Service – Door to Door and Routine Service

Citizens must schedule their transportation requests from a pick up point to a delivery (or drop-off) doctor or non-emergency medical point. Some of these rides must be confirmed. The scheduling or requests under the door-to-door ride category are received dynamically and vehicle routes are adjusted in real-time to meet demand. Some of these rides may be handled on a space available basis.

  • Routine Non-Emergency Medical Appointments – This service is offered to members who have medical conditions which require on-going medically supervised regular treatment. The routine transportation services operates Monday through Friday when weather permits. The earliest appointment time for local area transports is dependent on client’s home location and drive time both to and from the appointment with the same application process for return home transports.   
  • Pharmaceutical – No door-to-door transportation services are provided for picking up medications. Pharmaceutical needs may be included in your office visit. But at no time will a transporter be sent out for door-to-door pharmaceutical needs.

Extended Services

Door-to-door service is subject to availability. The client must request transportation services at least three days in advance by calling (269) 782- 4141, extension 267.  With door-to-door service, the transport driver is trained to assist the client from the door of the pick-up point to the transport vehicle and from the transport vehicle to the door of the destination point. The driver won’t be allowed to enter a client’s residence or apartment building beyond the first outer door or ground floor lobby so therefore cannot perform any personal services for the client. Door-to-door service is provided as long as conditions make it safe to do so.


  1. The Pokagon Band transportation may suspend operations during extreme and hazardous weather.
  2. Transportation staff may refuse to transport abusive or intoxicated clients.