Team Lead Info

On this page we'll post helpful tips for anyone who is participating in the Healthy Lifestyle Campaign, but especially for those who've volunteered to be HLC Team Leads.

Set SMART Goals

Specific: clearly defined in such a way that anyone could understand the intended outcome; a detailed description of what is to be accomplished; when it will be accomplished and the actions necessary to accomplish it
Measurable: Quantifiable; a way to assess progress toward the goal
Attainable: challenging, but not extreme
Realistic: represent an objective toward which an individual is both willing and able to work; you must truly believe you can accomplish the goal
Timely: have a specific date of completion; each objective will also have completion dates

More Goal Setting Tips

Write your goals on paper and hang them in your office, place them on your desk, and/or share them with your accountability partner. Break down your goals in to small steps – what can you accomplish today, this week, this month, etc. Believe in yourself. You are good enough to accomplish your goals. The more you are willing to take action the better practiced you will become. Determination and consistency are more important attributes than natural talent.

Stay Positive

Make a list of the negative thoughts you have toward exercise. (I can’t do this. It’s too hard. It takes too much time. It’s too painful.)

Make a list of the positive thoughts you have toward exercise. (I can do this. I feel great. I can keep going. I will stick with it!)

Notice when you have negative thoughts, stop that cycle, and translate each thought into a positive one.