Community Development

The mission of the Community Development division is to promote tribal development while expanding the Tribe's ability to exercise its sovereign rights through planning, analysis, recording and implementation, all while protecting Mother Earth.

Geographic Information Services (GIS)

GIS provides accurate information, assistance, support, utility location as well as maintains and creates information to aid in the development of maps to support Departmental activities.

Steven Wahweotten, GIS Specialist

Ten County Service Area | Tax Exempt Area | Utility Line Installation Specifications
Utility Locating & Excavation Policy | Utility Line Trace Wire Product Specifications | Utility Locate Request Form


Permitting/Inspections reviews of all activities occurring on Tribal Lands to assure that the activities are being carried out in accordance with the Tribe's Ordinances and Regulations. The Properties and Planning Office oversees the permitting of: all land use activities; Building & Mechanical/Plumbing; Demolition; Septic and Well. More information can be found in the links to the left.
Anthony Foerster Building Official/Inspector
Robert Torzynski Tribal Planner

Planning & Land Use Board

Planning & Land Use Board develops and administers Tribal Land use planning, including: Comprehensive Plan, Transportation Plan, Roads Maintenance and Construction, Addresses, Zoning & Zoning Variance; Planned Developments & Subdivisions.

Tribal Road Program

Tribal Road Program keeps inventory of all the roads, maintains a long-range transportation plan, and creates an annual transportation improvement plan.

Robert Torzynski Tribal Planner


Realty/Properties retains records of all Tribal Owned Properties including: Mortgages, Rental, Easements, Utility Information, Addresses, Surveys, and Leasing documents.
Wendy Lipscomb-Hatcher Housing and Community Development Office Manager