Social Services Staff

Mark Pompey, MSW Director(269) 462-4277

Emily Roach - Administrative Assistant(269) 782-4300

Michelle Piper-Fisher Social Services Outreach Worker(269) 462-4278

Barbara Vincent Social Services Outreach Worker(269) 462-4275

Christina Zayak Social Services Indian Child Welfare Worker(269) 462-4274

Lisa Adair Elders Assistant(269) 782-0765

Beth Warner Elders Specialist/Covid Programs(269) 782-4890

Casey Kasper-Welles Victim Services Supervisor(269) 462-4324 / (269) 519-0809 (cell)

Ray Bush Case Aide/Covid Programs(269) 462-4257

Samantha Hickok Kids First Manager(269) 462-4442

Karen Mikosz Families Services 462-4216

Christynn "Bri" Black Foster Care/Adoption Worker(269) 462-4336

Tori Moore Indian Child Welfare Worker(269) 462-4276

Marie Willis Office for Victims of Crime Project Coordinator

(269) 462-4426

Maria "Isa" Solis Adult Protective Services Worker

(269) 782-4891

David Halquist Commodities Site Supervisor(269) 462-4235

Kristine Johnson Manager/Case Worker(269) 462-4279

Andrea Jackson Cultural Specialist for Victim Services(269) 259-0807

Mike Finney Elders Hall Cook

(269) 782-0765

Nicole Sailor Victim Services Therapist

(269) 462-4307

Tyler Howard Commodities Site Assistant

(269) 782-3372


To reach anyone in this department, please use