Youth Council

Youth Council Members

Chair, Jordan Morseau
Vice Chair, Gabriel Loonsfoot
Treasurer, Lance Winchester
Secretary, Arianna Morseau

Member at Large, Zoe Loonsfoot
Member at Large, Rachel Saldivar
Member at Large, Myrissa Rowe

Staff Advisors

Rebecca Williams, Youth Culture Specialist, Center of History & Culture

Marisela Goodrich, College & Career Readiness Associate, Department of Education


Upcoming Events

  • 12:30pm, May 11, 2024 - Youth Council Meeting at Pokagon Band Community Center

Youth Council

Native American youth can make a difference, but first, they must be organized and prepared for action. An effective way to accomplish this is through a youth council. A youth council represents a practical way of enabling youth to have a meaningful role in helping solve community problems. Keep in mind that youth councils are just as diverse as Native America itself. Each youth council maintains its own identity and is built upon the needs and values of that particular community. By being involved with a youth council, young Native Americans can use their combined talents and energy to address major concerns facing them today. Youth design and promote their own programs to fit their needs. Young people who are involved with youth councils learn to accept responsibility. They grow through achievement and in the knowledge that they are making a real contribution to their community and to Native America.

United National Indian Tribal Youth (UNITY) Annual Conference

UNITY has served the leadership needs of American Indian and Alaska Native youth for 34 years. Today UNITY is a national organization with over 150 youth councils operating in 35 states and Canada. These youth councils represent thousands of Native American youth.

2024 National Conference

June 29 - July 3 in Portland, OR at Hyatt Regency Portland at the Oregan Convention Center.

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