Indian Child Welfare

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The Social Services Department monitors the well being of Pokagon Band children and families within state protective services and foster care programs. The department takes an active role in these cases through the provision of a variety of outreach services, as well as working closely with state and private agencies. Outreach services, through the Department of Social Services, work in conjunction with community prevention services to ensure continued family progress and stabilization. The department also provides a variety of services to individuals and families residing in the service area and to those temporarily residing in emergency housing units.

While family reunification and stabilization are always the primary goals with Indian Child Welfare cases, at times reunification may be judged by a court to not be in the best interest of the children or parents. As such, family, extended family and tribal members are looked to for the care of these children. The Department of Social Services is actively involved with public and private child welfare agencies to aid in locating both foster and permanent homes for these children, and is capable of providing referrals to individuals interested in providing care.

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