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The Pokagon Band Gaming Commission is the independent Tribal government subdivision empowered by the Pokagon Band Tribal Council with the sole authority and responsibility to regulate gaming within the jurisdiction of the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians. The Gaming Commission regulates Gaming Operations, Gaming Establishments, Management Contractors, and licenses Gaming Establishments, Gaming Suppliers, Gaming Employees, and all other Persons subject to the Gaming Commission’s licensing authority pursuant to Gaming Regulatory Act. The Gaming Commission ensures that all gaming conducted within the Tribe’s jurisdiction is conducted in conformance with the Gaming Regulatory Act, Gaming Commission Regulations, the Tribal/State Gaming Compact, and the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act. The Pokagon Band Gaming Commission also regulates liquor sales at the Tribe’s retail establishment engaged in the sale of alcoholic beverages.


Pokagon Band Gaming Commission Mission Statement:

“The Pokagon Band Gaming Commission is committed to protecting Tribal assets and ensuring the integrity of the Gaming Enterprise through effective regulation and the practicing of the Seven Grandfather Teachings.”

Band Gaming Commissioners shall have final decision-making authority regarding all matters brought before the Gaming Commission.
The Gaming Commission Executive Director shall have the power and the duty, subject to Commission supervision, to carry out on behalf of the Commission the administrative and executive requirements of the Commission under the Gaming Regulatory Act, Gaming Commission Regulations, and the Pokagon Band Liquor Control Code. The Executive Director shall be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Commission, including maintaining oversight of the Gaming Commission’s three Departments: Licensing and Investigation, Compliance and Enforcement, and Internal Audit.
The Department of Licensing and Investigation receives and processes all License Applications, conducts background investigations regarding Applicants for a License and conducts other investigations on behalf of the Commission that are required or permitted under the Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA), and investigates such other matters as the Commission may assign to the Department.
The Department of Compliance and Enforcement monitors compliance and pursues enforcement activities for the failure of any Licensee or other Person subject to the jurisdiction of the Gaming Commission to comply with the Gaming Regulatory Act, Commission Regulations, including the Tribal Minimum Internal Controls, the Pokagon Band Liquor Control Code, Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, the Tribal/State Gaming Compact; and such other matters as the Commission may assign to the Department.
The Department of Internal Audit is responsible for conducting an annual risk assessment of the Four Winds Casino operations.  From this risk assessment, an annual audit plan is constructed and approved by the Pokagon Band Gaming Commission.  This audit plan ensures compliance with all audit and financial oversight requirements regarding Gaming revenues and allows for the assessment of the internal control structure of all Gaming Operations within the Tribe’s jurisdiction in the gaming related areas (Slots, Tables Games, Cage/Credit, etc.). The audit plan also includes risk-based operational audits, in the areas of Marketing, Payroll, Food & Beverage, Accounts Payable, etc.  During the audits, Internal Audit ensures compliance with the Pokagon Band Gaming Commission Regulations or Tribal Internal Control Standards (TICS), the National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC) Minimum Internal Control Standards (MICS), and the Gaming Operation’s policies and procedures.
Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians Gaming Regulatory Act: Click Here
Pokagon Band Gaming Commission Regulations: Click Here

Gaming Commissioners:

Richard J. Klemm – Chairman

Cassie F. Alley – Vice-Chair

Bruce V. Molnar – Commissioner


Executive Director:

David Vialpando MBA, CFE, CPP, CFCS


Department Directors:

Meredith Hanley - Department of Licensing and Investigation

Michael A. Hammer Jr. - Department of Compliance and Enforcement

Kevin Menke, CIA, CFE - Department of Internal Audit


Gaming Commission Administration (Executive Assistant):

Katy Morseau - (269) 926-5484

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Firearms, marijuana, and other controlled substances are prohibited on the grounds of the Four Winds Casino, including hotels, restaurants and parking structures.