Snow Removal Reimbursement Application Form

Pokagon Band Elders anywhere in the U.S may be reimbursed for snow removal services provided to their residence by third party service providers.  The maximum reimbursement an Elder may receive over the entire season is $200 per household.

You are responsible for finding your own third party snow removal service provider. You will not be reimbursed if you are the person who removed snow from your own driveway. Except for those residing at Phase ll (Rent to Own), those residing at Pokagon Band Housing are ineligible for reimbursement, as the Pokagon Band already provides snow removal.

To be eligible for reimbursement, you must complete and return this application. Additionally, you must include the invoice(s) or receipt(s) from third party service provider. All invoices or receipts must be from the third party service provider and not the Elder. We may contact your third party snow removal provider for verification. Incomplete applications, applications without invoice(s)/receipt(s), and applications received after April 15th 2022 will not be processed.

Click Here to Apply for Snow Removal Reimbursement