Supplemental Heating Program

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This program provides a credit of $250 per eligible household to help with high energy costs. Social Services is able to offer the Supplemental Heating Program assistance to income-eligible Pokagon Band households anywhere in the United States. The Supplemental Heating Program is not limited to the ten-county service area.


How to Apply:

You can download the application below, or call the department at: (269) 782-8998 or (800) 517-0777, fax (269) 782-4295, or visit in person at: 58620 Sink Rd, Dowagiac, Michigan.

Items you will need to fill out the application:

1. Proof of all household income:

  • Proof of income for last 30 days and/or
  • award letters (from SSI, RSDI, Elder’s Stipend, etc…) and/or
  • child support received or paid or
  • completed zero income form (downloaded, or obtained from our office) if above do not apply

2. Bill from your energy provider
3. Tribal ID card

Household Size Income Limit Guidelines:











6 and above