Zisbakwtokéwen (Making Maple Sugar)

Sugar Season is well under way and Nicole has been hard at work taking care of our maple trees. Below we are posting all of Nicole's updates as we go through the process of making maple sugar!


Sugar Season 3/17/2021 Update - Nicole walks us through the filtering and bottling process. Not long now until we're enjoying that savory maple syrup! 

Click here to learn more about canning!


Sugar Season 3/8/2021 Update - Nicole was drowning in all of the sap... getting about 2 gallons a day per tree from 15 trees! Here's a quick video on sap collection. There's more to come once the trees stop flowing like faucets!



Sugar Season 2/23/2020 Update  - It's 38 degrees. Ice is melting. Time to tap trees!



Sugar Season Promo

This year, to protect the health and safety of our citizens and team members due to COVID-19, we are not accepting any volunteers to assist in harvesting and processing sap for our annual Sugarbush program. However, we will be recording every step of making maple syrup and sugar so you can follow the process virtually on the Pokagon Band website!
Additionally, you can also borrow taps and bag holders from the Department of Language and Culture so that you can tap your own maple trees at home! If you would like to reserve taps and bag holders, please contact Nicole Holloway to arrange for a time for pick up.
You will be required to sign a borrowers agreement and return all of the borrowed items to Language and Culture at the end of this year’s sugar season. There is only a limited supply of taps and bag holders so they will be loaned on a firstcome, first-serve basis.
Please contact Nicole Holloway if you have any questions or wish to borrow taps for your own personal sugar camp!
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